Chester Romans Youth Team

The Chester Romans Youth Team play a fully kitted, 5 v 5 contact version of the sport and compete in the British American Football National Leagues.

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Position Team Wins Losses Ties Points For Points Against
Chester Romans
Wigan Bandits
Manchester Titans
Chorley Buccaneers


Date Location Romans vs. Score
03/07/2021 Chester Romans Wigan Bandits 12-12
03/07/2021 Chester Romans Chorley Buccaneers 20-27
03/07/2021 Chester Romans Manchester Titans 7-33
17/07/2021 Chorley Buccaneers Chorley Buccaneers 24-28
17/07/2021 Chorley Buccaneers Wigan Bandits 41-36
17/07/2021 Chorley Buccaneers Manchester Titans (N) 24-45
31/07/2021 Wigan Bandits Wigan Bandits 26-8
31/07/2021 Wigan Bandits Chorley Buccaneers 1-0
31/07/2021 Wigan Bandits Manchester Titans (S) 0-50
04/09/2021 Manchester Titans Wigan Bandits
04/09/2021 Manchester Titans Chorley Buccaneers
04/09/2021 Manchester Titans Manchester Titans (S)

Youth Team Coaches

Will Sargeant

Head Coach

Mike Needham

Offensive Coordinator/QBs

Joe Landrum

Defensive Coordinator/DBs

Clint Heacock

WR Coach

Steffan Jones

WR Coach

Richie Fletcher

OL/DL Coach

Myles Tarry

OL/RB Coach

Thomas Shimmin

LB/DB Coach

Richard Colin

Assistant Coach

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